Sophia’s Circle

A small foundation with a unique transformative mission:

Sophia’s Circle supports marginalized women of all races, creeds and economic backgrounds who carry wounds from violence, drugs and prostitution. Many have been homeless, battered and imprisoned. Most were sexually abused as young girls. Sophia’s Circle offers retreats, counseling, support, advocacy and sisterhood to women in recovery from a lifestyle of prostitution and drugs. Through the generosity of donors, the ministry of Sophia’s Circle enables women to find healing, strength and hope.

Edwina with Sophia's Circle members
Edwina with Sophia’s Circle members

What the Women of Sophias Circle are saying “It was an honor and a privilege to be a part of such a wonderful group of women. I was ashamed of my past and this is the only place I felt comfortable talking and learning to forgive myself. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of something so magical.” ~ Cynthia

“There is no place in the world like Sophia’s Circle that I can escape to and totally be myself around women who have fought the same struggles that I have and have survived the cruel, cruel world of prostitution.” ~ Tina











“I always felt like I’m not enough. The retreat replenished my resolve. Now I truly believe God’s grace is sufficient. I’m more than enough, and God wants me to dance!!!” ~ Pam

Ways you can help Sophia’s Circle

  • Please remember these wounded but beautiful women in prayer;
  • Learn more about the injustice and violence suffered by women on our city streets;
  • Become an advocate for women abused by the sex industry, through your conversations, letters to people in power or any other form of support;

Please donate to a Sophia’s Circle:
Sophia’s Circle
Attn: Edwina Gateley
229 Eagle Point Blvd.
Erie, PA 16511

Thank you for your support!


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