Come Hide In Me

by Edwina Gateley

Edwina holding a shawlCome,
Hide in me,
said God!
I have this huge,
huge shawl,
and, when you are
still enough
to let me hold you,
I will wrap you round
in warmth
and you will be
cocooned in love
and disappear in me.
Sophia’s Circle is God’s shawl for women in need of healing and love.


A Place

by Edwina Gateley

A Place
If you are interested in spending a few days of quiet and solitude at the House of Sophia contact

I dream a place
for women
to come apart
to meet themselves
in a safe and nurturing space.

A place for women
who have never been alone,
or looked upon their deep feminine selves,
can be free to sink
into the wombs of
their grandmothers,
their mothers,

I dream of a place
where all the cycles of
a woman’s life
will be acknowledged
and celebrated
in tune with nature and
the rhythms of the earth

I would like a place
where the weary,
the battered and the raped
will find healing
in herbs and touch and dance

I dream a place
where women will sing and chant
beneath the full moon
and dance around
the dying embers,
a place
where the feminine will
be nurtured
and born again
into our world

Ah, I dream a place
for virgin, mother and crone
to rise again
in fullness
with the moon.