Soul Sisters: Women in Scripture Speak to Women Today

Soul Sisters cover
ISBN: 978-1570754432

Another collaborative work – in art and poetry – that invites the reader to come to really know the women of the Gospels, not just know about them.

In Edwina’s words: “They were women whom I had encountered and connected with in my own life … homemakers, sex workers, child runaways, crones, teachers, mothers, senior citizens – and all of them knew Jesus. All of them were were archetypes who reflected the journeys, struggles, joys and dreams of women today.” Soul Sisters brings the women in the Gospel into the contemporary world.


Artist, Louis Glanzman is one of America’s acclaimed portraitists. His work is part of many collections – private and public – from the Smithsonian to Independence Hall to the Civil War Museum. He has won numerous awards and is known to millions for his eighty unforgettable covers for Time Magazine.


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