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Edwina-webEdwina’s life has been described by Publisher’s Weekly as “fascinating – an exceptional blend of contemplation and action”.

Her journey has led her to teaching  in Africa, founding the Volunteer Missionary Movement (VMM), sojourning in the Sahara Desert, spending nine months of prayer in a trailer in the woods, befriending and ministering to street people and women in prostitution – “God’s little ones,” and preaching the Good News: God Is With Us.

Edwina is a poet, theologian, artist, writer, and lay minister. She is a single mom and has been described as a modern day mystic and prophet.

She gives talks, conferences and retreats in the United States, as well as internationally while continuing to reach out to women in recovery from drugs and prostitution.

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Let Your God Love You

Read by Edwina Gately and sourced from her book “There was no path, so I trod one.”

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